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    Automotive industry

    The automotive industry involves design, development, manufacturing, marketing and selling of vehicles, including the supply industry. The suppliers in the automotive industry usually operate based on "Just in time" principle, according to just in sequence method, which means they need reliable materials handling solutions with greater efficiency.
    Typical products of the automotive industry are: cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, helicopters, braking systems, suspension elements, fittings, seats, transmission, exhaust systems, body parts, automotive wiring harnesses.
    Analyzing the requirements and needs in the industry, we have identified the three most important requirements for suppliers of forklifts and internal logistics systems, namely: availability, automation and total cost of ownership.
    In order to meet the expectations and needs of customers in this industry, we need to provide forklifts with long maintenance intervals, as well as quick battery replacement. The maintenance-free multi-disc oil bath brakes and encapsulated (enclosed) AC motors are another technological solution for individual forklifts significantly saving time as failure of these assemblies is rare. Another requirement of this industry is easy service and simple diagnostics using a laptop, all to help maintenance workers remedy simple failures themselves and thus reduce downtime within their work processes.
    This industry requires professional support, which is characterized by a very short response time and troubleshooting in the shortest possible interval. A digitized after-sales process is preferred to facilitate monitoring and control of large fleets of forklifts, which are typical of the automotive industry.

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