Chemical industry

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    Chemical industry

    The chemical industry deals with production of chemical products required for other industries, for example, rubber and plastics, food industry as well as automotive industry and mechanical engineering or building materials production. Those industries exclusively or mainly deal with the transformation of natural and production of synthetic raw materials.
    The main chemical raw materials used in the chemical industry are: fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic materials, synthetic India rubber, pharmaceutical products, adhesives, gelatin, soaps, paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics, pyrotechnic products, explosives.    
    Certainly, the most important topic is safety in terms of production, storage and transport of hazardous substances. As these are valuable materials, one of the requirements is precision. Very often the complex structure of such companies requires personal approach and contact persons. In addition to these features, through the prism of suppliers of equipment and services for internal logistics, we also have ATEX forklift construction, which is common in the chemical industry. ATEX is used when operating in flammable environments containing flammable gases and dust.
    Given that safety is one of the most important parameters for the chemical industry, it is important that the forklift has a low center of gravity, good panoramic visibility and a user-friendly workplace. Intuitive control is just an added benefit of ease and speed of handling. The belly button or dead man switch as well as electric parking brake increase the overall safety when operating the forklift truck. For those who want further improvements in this regard, we recommend the installation of panoramic mirrors as well as load rest. The warning lights as well as safety lights are part of the safety packages of most forklift manufacturers. Roof mesh guards, spot lights, lighting systems, camera systems, restraint systems are additional options that enhance work safety, which is more than necessary in the chemical industry.

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