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    Food industry

    The food industry is an industry that deals with food processing for human needs. The main task of this industry is to meet the nutritional needs of consumers.
    Typical products of the food industry are: baked products, nutrients, pasta, meat products, sweets, fruit and vegetables convenience food.
    Given that these products are intended for human consumption, freshness is a parameter that is seen as the most important in this industry. For this reason, the selection of suppliers in this industry is very complex and most companies in this industry have opted for a single supplier to develop a strategic partnership with. Since the industry deals with food, environmental responsibility is significant. This is primarily related to the mode and model of production.
    This is achieved through clean, emission-free propulsion, recycling capabilities, Blue Q (energy-saving systems) from individual forklift manufacturers, hybrid powertrains, LED lights, eco-friendly production systems, as well as long service intervals.
    When it comes to the food industry, we need to keep in mind the stainless steel forklift versions fitted with non-marking tires, shatterproof glass, safe hydraulic oil, cold store versions and a special galvanized coating.

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