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    Machine industry

    The machine industry is one of the leading industries in the development and application of high tech products. The engineering and invention of innovative products that combine different technologies is one of the strengths of the leading machine industry. Although this industry is understood as a supplier of hardware, machinery and equipment, service offer is increasing. For instance, installation of manufacturing systems, training of operators, maintenance and repair and the provision of loans have become an important part of this industry.
    Typical products for this industry are: engines, turbines, pumps, compressors, forklift trucks, tractors, robots, cranes, elevators, escalators, power tools, industrial ventilation, cooling equipment, machinery.
    High precision is required in this industry as it involves transport of expensive materials. Forklifts are used in production as well as in long, narrow rooms, so compactness of forklifts and other handling equipment is preferred for this reason. Much of the production is batch production, which is why it is important to maintain continuity of work and overcome production downtime.
    In view of the precision requirement, it is important for the forklifts to have the following: good panoramic visibility, sensitive hydraulics control, narrow turning radius, good seat visibility, free view mast, visibility through overhead guard, ramp stop.

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